Asset Finance

Asset Finance

If you’re searching for asset finance solutions to get access to the equipment and assets your business needs to grow, we offer a wide range of options to help this become a reality

We can help you finance new tools and equipment for your business. Queensland residents trust Lewis Consulting & Finance with their asset financing needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Many businesses require special equipment, tools, or vehicles to do their required tasks. It can be challenging to make such big purchases, though, when your company doesn’t have enough capital. Asset financing plays a significant role in these instances.

Your company may need a new tool or vehicle to help grow your business. You know that you can’t afford it now, but you will be able to once your business grows. In this situation, you can apply for asset financing through Lewis Consulting & Finance to help you make your purchase.

Our competitive financing rates will allow you to buy essential equipment for your business without draining your company’s liquid finances.

What Qualifies for Asset Financing?

Asset financing applies to purchases made for your business. Typically, people use this type of financing for purchases essential to business function, like construction or medical equipment, leases for larger office space, and company vehicles.

These types of purchases are tools that can help you grow your business. However, you may not be able to pay for them until you have benefited from them. Asset financing enables you to make smart purchases for your business to grow while still making a profit.

Anyone can apply, and applicants with good credit history usually qualify for asset financing.

Why Choose Lewis Consulting & Finance?

When you finance business assets with Lewis Consulting & Finance, you will have a broad range of options at your disposal. Our financial advisors will help you select a plan that makes sense for your business and your specific financial situation.

We will help you make sure that your purchases are smart. We will also help you ensure that you can make the financed payments. We care about our customers and want your businesses to be as prosperous as possible. We will do everything that we can to guide you through the asset financing process seamlessly and successfully.

Lewis Consulting & Finance wants to help Queensland residents reach business goals through asset finance. If you are interested in financing assets for your business, call us today at 0407 699 022.