Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Need the money now not later? Take out a personal loan to pay for now; holidays, new furniture, renovation etc.

We’re Queensland’s top choice for financial advice and personal loans. Call us today at 0407 699 022 to discuss your options.

Personal loans are a safe and intelligent tool when you need to make a payment fast. They can be lifesaving in certain situations and can help you feel at ease when managing your finances.

At Lewis Consulting & Finance, we can offer you excellent rates and financial advice in addition to your personal loan. We will help you find a personal loan that best fits your situation.

Quick Approval Process

We offer a fast approval process at Lewis Consulting & Finance. We realize that often, you don’t have time to waste when getting a personal loan. We can fast-track your application process while still giving you the proper attention to get the right loan for your situation.

We want to make sure you are getting the best rates while still accessing your money as soon as possible.

Personal Loans for Any Purpose

Personal loans can help you greatly in certain situations. At Lewis Consulting & Finance, you can take out a personal loan for any purpose.

Some of these include:
  • Home renovations, appliances, or furniture
  • Cars or boats
  • Weddings, honeymoons, or vacations
  • Consolidating debt

No matter what you need to fund, you can take out a personal loan with us. Often, paying to resolve a situation can help prevent more significant problems in the future.

Whether you have a mold problem in your home or you need a vacation to give yourself a break, it makes sense to take out a personal loan to get what you need right away.

Why Choose Lewis Consulting & Finance?

At Lewis Consulting & Finance, we care about our customers and want them to feel financially secure. We understand that taking out a personal loan can be risky if not repaid promptly. That is why we offer personalised financial advice to all of our customers.

We will help you through the process of taking out and paying back a personal loan so that you can take care of your needs without any worry.

Lewis Consulting & Finance wants to help Queensland residents reach their financial goals and take care of their families. If you are interested in taking out a personal loan, call us today at 0407 699 022.